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Welcome to dö´s LEGO page

This is the first version. Trying to bring some order to my LEGO, I sorted out following categories:

Models Have a look at the LEGO models I´ve build so far
Datfiles If you are an Ldraw User you can download the DAT file to my AAT. There is also a building instruction in jpg format available. More DATs are coming soon.
Setlist See what I have and what I need. I´m collecting LEGO Space Theme since 1979.
More Fun and other stuff
Links See the sites that got me out of my Dark Ages. LUGNET, Pat Justison´s LEGO Contest and much more to come
dö´s Page This is my homepage, BUT...no links are functioning as this LEGO site is the first part of my homepage.

For contact, send an email to doe@gmx.de


(11/25/99) Boba Fett´s Slave I ! See pictures of the model and details of how I build it.

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