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Star Wars Models

The Millenium Falcon. The fastest ship in the Universe

Luke and Darth Vader in Empire Strikes Back. This is the scene on Bespin, where Luke gets his hand cut off and finds out Vader is his father. I have stolen the idea to build this scene from a LEGO exhibition from a local department store. Have a look at Luke´s rigth hand. The LEGO Luke was much tougher than the real one, when I cut off his hand... ;o)

Boba Fett´s Slave One. See pictures of the universe´s most feared bountyhunter.

Some notes about Slave I and about building the ship. Including links to the sites that inspired me building my version.

AAT - The Armoured Assault Tank. My favourite vessel of Episode One. Designed and built by the Baktoid Armour Workshop for the Trade Federation secret army.
NEW: now you can build your own AAT. Get the DAT file for Ldraw or download the building instructions.

POV Ray pictures of the AAT

Raldo Wibad, Gnigolf of Dolomin´s Podracer

Pirate Models

Coming soon: dö´s Pirate Page

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