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Catalog pictures of the Harry Potter Line

My Sopwith Camel #3451 arrived ! If you´re thinking about buying this set yourself, click here to find out some more details.

Find out about Frankfurt´s best places for LEGO shopping !

Looking for some information about shipping costs from Germany ? Click on the picture to learn more about prices, weights and shipping possibilitys.

Pictures of my first attempt to build the Millenium Falcon in minifig-scale. I took most of it apart. The only things that remained were the cockpit and the gun.

dö goes LEGOLAND Windsor. Some Pictures of the outside of LEGOLAND. We passed Windsor on our biketour through SouthEngland. There was no way to get in with our bikes...

More pictures of our tour will be available soon ! Including: WOMAD Reading ´99, the beautiful city of Bath, and much more...

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