Shippingcosts from Germany

General Information
All prices below are taken from the German Post AG and can also be found at their official site at I have converted the prizes at a fixed rate of US$ 1 = 2 DM. Please note that this is a privatly site as a service for Legofans around the world. I do not guarantee or take any responsibility for the prices on this site.

Airmail Shipping
Airmail shipping normally takes 1-2 weeks to deliver and is the fastest way to get your parcel.

Seamail Shipping
Seamail shipping normally delivers within 4 weeks to Australia, Canada, USA and Japan (from my experience). There is nearly no difference in shipping time when the parcel is send to country in the EU, as all mail to the EU is send by surface.

Price Lists
Please follow the links to the pricelist of your choice:
Germany to Australia
Germany to Canada/USA
Germany to Europe
Germany to Japan