Sopwith Camel
Today is the 05-14-2001 and the postman just delivered my copy of the #3451 Sopwith Camel this morning. So I took half the day off from work and started putting up this page with some little information. At the time the bricks are still in the box and are waiting to be build. I have given the set to my girlfriend, who is collecting LEGO biplanes. So first pictures of the finished model won´t be up before tomorrow. But I have made some photos of all bricks ´n´ plates, the manual, the stickers and the box. Hope you like the site. Come back in a day or two to see more photos of the model itself. ->dö

Box & Instruction Manual Photos

Bricks & Stickers Photos
History An agile, highly maneuverable biplane, the Sopwith Camel accounted for more aerial victories than any other Allied aircraft during World War I. Credited with destroying 1,294 enemy aircraft, it was called the Camel due to the humped fairing over its twin machine guns. Much like a real camel, this aircraft could turn and bite you. Noted for its tendency to kill inexperienced flyers, many pilots feared its vicious spin characteristics. Until sufficient speed was developed during takeoff, Camel pilots maintained full right rudder to counteract the torque the rotary engine. Failure to do so often resulted in a ground loop with the Camel crashing on its starboard wingtip. During World War I, 413 pilots died in combat and 385 pilots died from non-combat related causes while flying the Sopwith Camel. On 4 June 1917, Canadian ace Alexander Shook became the first ace to shoot down an enemy aircraft with the Sopwith Camel. Canadian ace Roy Brown was flying a Camel when he was credited with shooting down Manfred von Richtofen. With 54 victories, Canadian Donald MacLaren scored more victories with the Camel than any other ace..

Where to buy The set was released in mai 2001 and contains 577 pieces. It is currently available for US$ 49 or DM 99. I got my set delivered in only 4 days directly from Billund. You can order it online at or you can order it via phone in North America / English call 800-453-4652, in North America / French call 877-518-5346, in Austria 0800-293-895, throughout the rest of Europe call toll free 00800-5346-1111.
More information You can read more about the Sopwith Camel at the
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