Building Slave I

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This is how it looks like, when I´m playing LEGO. I´ve sorted everything by color and stored in boxes (LEGO buckets or german post crates). The grey LEGO is also divided in plates, bricks and slopes. The rest is found in a big pile :)

You can see the bottom of Slave I and the tail in progress. There´s also a small metall model that I got somewhere in the 80s.

The rotating cockpit

This picture shows Slave I with the cockpit in landing position. The rotating cockpit seems to be a myth (see the link to Robert Browns page for more information). There is some evidence, that the cockpit rotates from flight to landing position. The problem is: if it rotates the pilot looks in the wrong direction ! My explanation is: the cockpit rotates, so you can climb out after landing and switching off artificial gravity. The pilot is landing the ship with the navigation computer and not by sight. See pictures for wacky proof:

Now the cockpit is in flight position. There is not much headroom. I hope the Boba Fett minifig will fit in...

The boarding ramp

The extendable boarding ramp, that folds down from the under surface of the tail was part of an early concept (see picture), but was never featured in the movie.

However, I thought this would be a cool addittion to a LEGO version of Slave I. A third of the boarding ramp is hidden under the floor of the interiour. You can see the 4x6 plate with tiles sliding out on this picture.

The door is open and Slave I is ready to "welcome" its "guests"...


The STARWARS Incredible Cross Sections shows proton torpedo launchers in the tip of the tail. They are hidden to surprise the enemy at the last moment.

This was the part of the ship I spent most of the time building. I wish I had more of those grey extreme sloped bricks.

The official model

An official model of Slave One including the long awaited Boba Fett minifig will be released next year. The size is smaller than the "real" Slave I compared at minifig scale. But it fits well to the upcoming Millenium Falcon set.

Just look at the Boba Fett minifig and all those brown, grey and green sloped bricks...

More sites...

Pat Justison´s LEGO model of Slave One. I copied Pat´s idea to use the bottom of the naboo-fighter to make the "nose" of Slave-One.
Joel Kuester´s Version of Slave One Very tricky use of a double cockpit
Boba Fett´s Slave I page by Robert Brown This is probably the best site you can find for ressoures on Slave I !

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